Have you ever wondered how some people just always seem to know what is going on, anywhere and everywhere in London, or how people can bag their way into a new opening’s launch day?! Turns out, it is all in the secret of your inbox. We have put together some of our favourite newsletters in the industry with London news you absolutely do not want to be missing out on. Ready to be the first in the queue or become your friends’ go to for all things new and fun? Keep reading to find out how…

Secret London

Lucky for us, the team are excellent at finding the best things to be doing in London for any occasion and are terrible at keeping secrets. Sign up to their mailing list for exciting round ups such as ‘Art exhibitions to visit in London in 2021’ and ’30 places Londoners would go if it was their last day in London’. File away and your future self will thank you when it is time to activity plan!

The Handbook

Another favourite of our email subscriptions for London news! One of the few titles in which multiple emails pinging into our inbox per week do not trigger us to unsubscribe, The Handbook newsletters feature an incredibly diverse curation of food and drink, culture, lifestyle, travel and more. From fun sounding ‘Boozy Ice-Creams’ and Hot Air Balloon Dining, to pop-ups and festivals, we guarantee there will be something each week you will want to be hitting up (or at least want to know about if your wallet is saying no for now).

Eater London

An absolute classic for Londoners and one you definitely want in your inbox. New openings, location specific roundups (Shoreditch is one of our favourites) and the more serious side of London industry news and updates, they cover it all. This is one to get your email details in for if you are into all things delicious, whilst also want to stay informed about the wider hospitality industry.


If we are talking subject lines that actually reel you in, it has to be Infatuation London. Give them a follow on Instagram for their incredibly engaging restaurant ride-along stories and sign up to their newsletter for a nudge to read through their thoroughly amusing write-ups of where they have been eating, the hottest places to be dining at , as well as exclusive guides. This is your light-hearted bible for London news.

Staying up to date with London news could not be simpler and these thoughtful newsletters are a great 5-10 min read in between work and other emails. After more? Others we love include TimeOut, Propel, Londonist, Big Hospitality and The Nudge. For the latest information about where our eyes are glued to, head to our Instagram, or get in contact!

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