With nearly every restaurant in London using Instagram to showcase their wares, it’s important to stand out from the crowd and ensure your content is seen by as many Instagram users as possible. Here are our restaurant social media top tips for running an algorithm beating insta-feed!  


Reels Reels Reels! 

Whilst those of us who loved and remember Vine always knew short-form video would have it’s moment, the rise of Reels (and Tik Tok!) since 2020 has really changed the game on Instagram. Short, snappy videos with trending songs are the way to go on this new platform on Instagram, snap a juicy food video watch the video views – and new followers – come rolling in!  


#Hashtag – but keep it relevant 

Historically, more hashtags meant more views, but with changes to the algorithm, hashtags are now there to categorize content for feeds and explore pages – it’s more important to use relevant, meaningful hashtags to the content of the post, rather than adding 20+ tags to one picture  


Quality over quantity!  

Instagram is a creators platform, some of the worlds best photographers and videographers are on the platform showcasing the best of creativity. Good quality imagery and videography is essential


More social, less media 

The last of our restaurant social media top tips… Remember that Instagram is there to connect and build communities! As questions, comment, celebrate creativity and connect with your restaurant’s community on social media – this is the best way to drive engagement, and keep your feed and follower base growing.  


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