Ah, sunlight! Finally, the warmer temperatures are creating the buzz we all love during the spring! And yes, we know, you can’t help but wonder; what are the best culinary trips right now? Well, we got that all covered for you – because it’s finally time for Me:Mo’s weekly round-up! Sit back, relax and enjoy the peaks of this week!


First off we had our lovely Turnips, which is located inside the lively streets of Borough Market, covered in both Conde Nast Traveller and The Resident. Both Conde Nast Traveller and The Resident made a wonderful article with things to do in London this time of the month, and the fact that Turnips is one of the main places to go to is something we can only agree to!

Next, we had an  influencer dinner at our popular Indian restaurant; Chourangi. It is the new up-and-coming place where you can have perfectly made cocktails and fun tapas-like dishes, which are perfect to share. That’s why we invited the talented @tinygirleatsworld, @foodruchieats@truffleandtoast@thirsty_foodie and @90foodie in order to capture their unforgettable evening. We can only say – Chourangi surely knows how to turn your night into a knock-out one!

Lastly, but definitely not least, it’s been buzzing with a capital B at Ramen Yokocho! This is the place to be if you want to imagine yourself being in Japan, and yet have close to home. With their great variety of Japanese classics; serving ramen, sushi and sides, we’ve had a total of eight coverings! Our talented influencers have created interactive and tempting content in the shapes of Instagram posts, reels and TikTok! Just to mention a few: @codehospitality@nibblingldn@tranvfood and @alwaysbrunch – go ahead and give them some love in the comments!

That’s it for now! How exciting wasn’t that news?! If you’d like to know more about how you could get your business growing and buzz like TurnipsChourangi and Ramen Yokocho – don’t hesitate to pop us a message! 

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