Here at MeMo, we’re a social media agency that deals with Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter content, every. Single. Day. So, trust us when we say planning content is a lifesaver. Instead of taking up valuable time in your day, thinking about what to post every afternoon, planning content in advance means your posts will have a cohesive thread running through them, as well as saving you time. Take a look below at our top tips on how to plan a batch of content for your business’ social channels, that will keep your business growing, and give you back hours of your day.

Think About Your Content Pillars

First of all, pick 4 or 5 content topics that aligns with your business’ ethos. These will be 4 topics that you can write about in rotation to keep your content and copy feeling fresh and original, whilst still maintaining your brand’s voice. If you’re a vegan café like our lovely Pipoca Vegan, then perhaps those pillars may be educational, menu items, products stocked, and sustainability.

Make A Mock Up

Choose some images that you want to post on your socials over the coming weeks and play around with their positioning until you’re happy with your upcoming grid. There are lots of fab apps that can help you do this, at this social media agency, we love to use Feed Preview as it allows you to mix, match, and move your photos around until you’ve got the best combination.

Excel at Excel

Once you’ve got your images and content pillars down, crack open our old friend Excel. Now don’t worry, we know that ‘proficient at Excel’ on your CV may be slightly more fiction than fact…All you need to do here is set up a few columns with some basic headers such as ‘date’ ‘image’, ‘copy’ and whatever else you think is important to plan in advance. Next, you can insert your lovely images into your excel and pair them up with your previously established content pillars. Space these out to ensure that each post covers different areas of your business throughout the month.

Copy, right?

Now, with your images ready, and a basic outline of what’s going on for your copy, you’re ready to sit down and write some content. The hard work has already been done, as you know what basic topic to cover with this caption, and you can take inspiration from your image. Take a top tip from us, if you’re stuck, check out what upcoming national days there are in the calendar, perhaps you can get involved in National Burger Day, or celebrate Veganuary?

Check the Schedule

Finally, now you’ve done all that hard work planning your content in advance, take a look at some of the fantastic social media tools out there that will automatically post your content for you at a pre-decided time. Tools like Later, Planoly, and Hootsuite are all great options. Load in your copy and images from your handy excel, and that’s it! You’re all done, and ready to see your content for the next few weeks appear by magic on your channels.

But, we know you may not want to do all of that. So why not let us do it for you? As a top social media agency in London, we’re well versed in all things content planning, and will work with you to make sure your restaurant stays on-brand and unified on all platforms. Contact us to chat more about how we can grow your social following.

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