Time to grab a tea and get comfy – it’s your favourite time of the week and we’ve got some juicy content for you to devour. This week, we’re talking all things top London social media and some of the best content creators out there. 

At Me:Mo, we believe that following the best London social media influencers is a great way to get insight into the top trends in the capital, as well as helping you understand what content works well with audiences. 

Generally, people follow social media influencers because: 

  • We want to be entertained by interesting content 
  • We perceive an influencer to be a role model 
  • We want to be inspired, challenged, and influenced 
  • We want to relate to them or feel close to them 

Here at Me:Mo Social HQ we’ve summarised the top three influencers we’re absolutely loving at the minute and why. So here we have it: 


One of the nicest and most talented guys in the business, 90 Foodie, or Sanj as he’s better known to his pals is a strong photographer as well as a having his finger on the pulse for the best foodie spots in town. Big lover of a reel, he provides captivating, engaging content which gives his audience his expert opinion on why you should visit. 10/10 content.  


London-based Milly has her finger in many pies, from writing for Weekend Journals to sharing her content on CNTraveller, her own feed is a stunning portfolio of her travels across London and beyond. Admired for her clean aesthetic, the girl loves a flat-lay and will only cover restaurants that get her absolute approval. Follow her account if you want to get some serious lifestyle envy. A stunning platform.  


First and foremost the co-founder of leading lifestyle title London on the Inside, Jules has become a London social media influencer on all things food in her own right with her page dropping with the best bites from all over London. What we love most is all photography is snapped on her iPhone, providing a warts and all overview of the hero offerings on the menu. If you want to know where to dine in London, follow her immediately.   

That’s it for another active week from Me:Mo’s influencer office – check back soon for more London social media influencer goodness, or pop us a message for a chat all things top London social media! 

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