If you’re a frequent reader of our blogs, you’ll have come to know there are many approaches to consider when promoting your restaurant. A few of which we have discussed such as successful menu design or social media design, and of course, influencer marketing.

Furthermore, there are many creative tools you can take advantage of when developing your brand as a restaurant. The year 2021 has introduced various trends in design and one of the most exciting and unique ones is illustration. This could either be a typographical illustration that experiments with fonts in different styles, sizes, colours etc, or it could be a traditional but not so traditional piece of artwork focused on a particular persona/character or object/item.

The perfect example of this sort of illustrative experimentation would be the rebranding of the fast-food chain, Burger King designed by creative agency, Jones Knowles Ritchie. The new look sports bright colours, funky fonts and a refreshing and exciting array of illustrations making enjoyable experiences for customers.

As food enthusiasts drawn to new and exciting flavours and experiences, don’t feel intimidated to dip into this exciting trend and transform your restaurant into something unique and sensational. Here are a couple of illustrators we’re loving at the moment who have become experts in social media, and influencer marketing, whose style and aesthetic may influence your restaurants’ new glow up!

Frieda Ruh

Frieda is a berlin-based illustrator and designer who has found her niche through lettering and quirky illustrating. Her style is bright and fun providing viewers with a fresh, clean colour palette preparing our taste buds before we dive into her juicy artwork. Only she can make ketchup on pudding look delicious!

This exciting artist shows off her entertaining illustrations and lettering influencing viewers such as yourselves to take similar risks and play around with bright pops of colour or introduce quirky character designs into your brand.

There are clearly no creative limitations with Ruh’s work, not just with her illustrations but with her lettering as she sports nearly every typeface found in the ‘expressive’ section, but that’s the point! Her portfolio is evidence of why a restaurant brand should have fun with its visuals in order to excite customers and influence them to try their food.


Gisela has an exceptionally unique style that combines both current and old-school trends. She experiments with expressive placement and alignment of elements which is a technique designers have recently been crazing over, to retro colour schemes and groovy font types. Together, these techniques create a very aesthetically pleasing visual for viewers.

Additionally, she has a talent for creating illustrative icons/elements that completely transform her work from something mildly simple to a graphic of pure expression. For e.g. this relatable graphic she created is incredibly effective and quirky with help from the additional illustrative elements. This quirkiness gives a brand character and makes it a whole lot easier for customers to become die-hard fans of your brand as we are of Gisela!

These colourful and retro techniques are also a smart and effective approach anyone can take to transform their restaurants’ brand through menu’s, flyer’s, websites, and social media. It’s extremely popular and we guarantee will not fail as a marketing strategy.

Matt Munday

Matt is an illustrator and artist based in London who creates bold and vivid illustrations inspired by his fun outlook on life and his passion for music. His creative style is bubbly yet relaxing as he works every illustration with its own character and personality using his tropical colour palette and wavy drawing technique.

This sort of expressive style might be perfect for a restaurant brand like a Jamaican/Caribbean restaurant that wants to make sure customers are aware their food is always screaming with flavour.

You may be anxious to include such vibrancy into your restaurant but the year 2021 has made many impossible things possible and popular trends like bright colours, fun illustrations, and exciting fonts are what the people are asking for. Munday’s London Beer Factory project shows just how well the application of his illustrative style can be used almost anywhere!

Karen Mabon

Karen is an illustrator and designer who started her label in 2013 focused on her iconic illustrative silk scarves and has now expanded her franchise to luxury apparel, accessories, and homeware. These goods sport her beautiful illustrations while giving us the chance to sport them on ourselves as pyjamas or in our homes as pillows!

As someone who grew up in Scotland, surrounded by nature, she encompasses the true beauty of life within her illustrations while including a sense of herself within them – playfulness but elegance. By combining traditional hand-drawn techniques of animals with witty elements for e.g. a dog wearing a bowtie and glasses, she creates fun characters while giving viewers a much-needed laugh here and there.

Her fantastical techniques may be worth a shot if humour and chic is what your restaurant promises to offer as well as amazing food and a killer ambience.

We hope these influencers have given you an insight into your restaurants’ creative possibilities or if these tips will be incorporated into your strategy to drive your results further. If you would like our help with influencer marketing, or want us to share further expertise, drop us a message here!

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