Influencers We’re Loving: Top London Foodies!

The use of influencers has manifested as a key area in all marketing campaigns – from hospitality to sport to every single beauty product under the sun. For us in the hospitality industry, making a positive impression on a potentially large and targeted audience, is a vital way to build brand exposure and grow the following of our restaurants. 

That being said, there are certain influencers who just have that special something that we at Me:Mo love – whether it’s style, engagement or humorous vlog style videos, it is essential to find the right influencer for you. 

So, without further adieu, we want to introduce you to our top London foodie influencers for you to follow or work with.  


Sophisticated, suave with subtle brilliance, Millykr has mastered THE curated feed. The professional photography combined with her eye for tablescapes, has resulted in a high-brow influencer account perfect for chic restaurants and stylish hotels alike. Her 44K followers are privy to her recommendations and stunning imagery of London’s top restaurants.  

The Sophia Richie of Instagram profiles. 



Ciao, Italian foodie lovers (aka absolutely everyone), we have an influencer for you, the Italian food review connoisseur, Elisabetta – better known as Theitalianfoodaholic. Her expertise in Italian cuisine makes her the go–to influencer for those pasta perfect dates. An honest reviewer with a dynamic feed, Elisabetta is a must follow! 

These recommendations are something to sing about – cue Pavarotti   



Bringing fun and the revival of food porn – Ed of Onehungryasian is the go-to for casual dining. Despite his name, Ed covers a wide array of cuisines, showing the juicy spots for all occasions. He is a fan favourite, shown through the high engagement of his reels. 

This feed never fails to make us drool! 



One word: envious. The globetrotting, trend and jet setting James of Food_feels makes us want to follow his recommendations to the end of the earth. If James says the best restaurant is located at the North Pole, then pass us the sledge. His high-quality international profile showcases beautiful imagery of top London restaurants and city guides.  

Highlighting only the best – James has us catching flights AND food feelings! 



Our Me:Mo one to watch …… 

Lylaa of Saltandshaikh is growing for all the right reasons. Her 142K followers are privy to her colourful feed, exciting voiceovers, and wonderful array of cuisines. Lylaa is definitely the influencer you want to bring back the fun in food.   

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