Masters of authentic, slow-proved Neapolitan pizzas, Pizza Pilgrims, have marked their 10th birthday with a line-up of stunning summer activities including a pilgrimage across Napoli in a custom-built ‘Pizza Vespa’ (AKA The World’s Smallest Pizzeria), a pop up in Napoli’s most famous pizzeria, an innovative new menu and a giant 10th Birthday Pizza Party at Camden Town Brewery on 12th of August.

The Pilgrimage

In 2013, brothers James and Thom Elliot famously made a six-week pilgrimage through Italy in a tiny Piaggio Ape three-wheeled tuk-tuk, learning the secrets of Neapolitan pizza and the Italian way of life along the way. Back in London they built a pizza oven in the back and set up stall on Berwick St. Market in the heart of Soho, giving many Londoners their first taste of true Neapolitan pizza.

10 years on and the brothers have embarked on a new pilgrimage to Napoli in their head-turning, one-of-a-kind ‘Pizza Vespa & sidecar’. Over the 10 days they visited the pizza chefs, suppliers and producers that they can now call friends to hunt down the tastiest new ideas coming out of the home of pizza which inspired the new pizza Pilgrims menu launched this July. The trip culminated in a once-in-a-lifetime pop-up at Naples’ oldest and most iconic pizzeria, L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, bringing together founders James and Thom and the Da Michele pizzaioli to celebrate their shared passion for authentic Neapolitan pizza and officially see Pizza Pilgrims inducted into the Napoli pizza family. 

The brother’s take great pride in waving the Neapolitan pizza flag around the UK. OG Pilgrim James states that the “Neapolitan style has massively exploded in London. So I feel like people have really embraced Neapolitan pizza. It was when we started, I remember having a lot of trouble with customers coming in, ordering a pizza, and then expecting the more kind of New York style.” He goes on to say “ I remember that being a massive problem, and now we don’t have that problem, because everyone knows to fold the pizza and eat it Neapolitan style.”


New Menu

As Neapolitan pizza becomes more and more popular in the UK, the Pilgrims took it upon themselves to use the pilgrimage to find out what else Napoli had to offer which the UK has not yet seen. The menu features ten new dishes to celebrate ten years since their first pilgrimage. From a new Bellini Spritz to contend with the ubiquitous Aperol Spritz to late night Americana pizzas with French fries & hotdogs, deep fried smoked mozzarella bites and Sorbet stuffed lemons, this menu gives guests a taste of unseen Napoli. 

Pizza Pilgrims takes great pride in sourcing almost all of their ingredients from Italy with the big three coming from the very heart of Naples – flour from Caputo, mozzarella from Latteria Sorrentina and San Marzano tomatoes from Strianese. 

10th Birthday Party 

Now that they are back in the UK, the brothers are looking forward to sharing and  celebrating all they’ve learnt on their pilgrimage with a giant 10th Birthday Party in London on 12th August, taking place at Camden Town Brewery. Guests can enjoy slices of each of the newly created pizzas, Neapolitan friggitoria (fried foods), limoncellos and a special collaboration beer from Camden Town Brewery. The limited-edition beer was created to celebrate Napoli winning the football league which happened whilst they were there, and which they handed out to Neopolitans all over the city. Throughout the day there will be DJs as well as a jam-packed schedule of entertaining activities inspired by the trip such as lemon keepy-uppies, brewery tours and beer tasting, pizza-making masterclasses, a Pineapple Shy – with a special ‘secret’ prize, a cheese-pull competition and more.

Founder James commented, “It seems crazy that we have been in the pizza game for 10 years now! It feels like only yesterday my brother Thom and I were in our tuk-tuk on the market in Soho. It’s been an amazing dough-filled decade and we are so proud of what Pizza Pilgrims has become. Our passion for pizza and the city of Napoli has only grown over the years and we are so excited to share what we found on our latest pilgrimage and introduce the people of England to our mad pizza vespa! Bring on 10 more years!”


Pizza Pilgrims’ new 10th Birthday menu is available across all sites.

Their 10th Birthday Party takes place at Camden Town Brewery
55-59 Wilkin Street Mews, Kentish Town, NW5 3ED on 12th of August.
Tickets are now available!

Ticket Link HERE


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