A big part of successful restaurant social media is awareness. It’s important to have your ear to the ground, or should I say your eyes on the grid. What are the social trends, what type of content is getting the most engagement and which restaurants are curating the best feeds. I want to make a list of three restaurant Instagram accounts that are inspiring, have a clear visual identity, take restaurant social media to new heights and are showing the importance of high-quality photography.


Smokestak is not only an East London Mecca for BBQ and slow smoked meats it is also a source of inspiration for its unique photography style. You won’t find any marketing heavy imagery or a cheesy GIFs here, just bold still life photos. There photography is seemless from one post to the next, a great understanding of their colour palette and the style of content they are putting out. 

It’s Pleat 

This feed is incredibly well considered, with each photo posted tying into the next with intense attention to detail. It’s clear to see that they know their target audience and their aesthetic. The quality of photography is very high and obviously have a great understanding of colour. A lot of the content appears to have been shot in a studio, this is a great way to control light and therefor maintain consistent content throughout. 


I love this feed because of its simplicity. Sometimes it’s easy to overwork an Instagram feed, photos of the food, photos of people, photos of drinks, photos of interiors, the list is endless. Restaurant social media is about creating a clear vision and maintaining that. For Bancone it’s about the pasta and the chefs that make it. The photos are clean, no props or styling as such, just purely focusing on the ingredients. When you visit their profile it instantly tells a story through its imagery, it’s about craft and a passion for provenance. The colour palette Is bright and airy making the dishes pop out of your phone screen. They use flat lays and every now and then they add a human element with a hand engaging with the dish, this ia great way to mix up the content.

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