It’s not all about the food

There are many routes to take when it comes to restaurant marketing and creating content for social channels. Yes, it’s important to capture the product and show future and present customers your offering, but capturing staff is a great way to create a narrative. Photography is one of the most important tools in the restaurant marketing toolbox, producing well balanced and engaging content with a striking image can speak volumes. As they say “A picture is worth a thousand words”..

Showing off your joyful employees provides major reputation points – happy workers say a lot about a business, and customers are sure to take notice. Adding a human element to a feed is also a great way to break up the rest of the content, to avoid there being too much of the same thing. Here are a few classic restaurant marketing ideas to consider when you trying to capture the best of the staff at a photoshoot.

In the kitchen

Taking photos in the kitchen with the chefs can give your followers and customers a new insight into who is making their food and the passion and skill that goes into it. (Photo: The Chilli Pickle)

In the kitchen at The Chilli Pickle


Taking portraits of staff helps to add a face to a name, whether that is the general manager, a long-serving kitchen porter or the head chef. This is also a classic restaurant marketing technique to create a character at the restaurant that is recognisable to guests when they visit. (Photo: Matt Young, Rok Restaurants)

Rok Chef Matt Young


This could be anything from staff setting a table for lunch, waiting on customers or a pre-service briefing with the team. (Photo: Galvin At Windows)

Fred Sirieix at Galvin at Windows

Behind the bar

Again this is the perfect way to show the skill of your employees and creating some drama on the feed, this could also be in the form of a video. (Photo: Waterside, Cornwall)

The Bar at Waterside

All of these ideas are useful restaurant marketing technics and can really help to build a friendly face to your restaurant.


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