A Day in the Life of a Restaurant Marketing Intern

A typical day as a Me:Mo restaurant marketing intern is, well, anything but typical. The team involves me in a wide variety of tasks, which keeps things interesting and ensures that I’m always learning something new. While my daily to-do list often includes these tasks, I never really know what could pop up in my diary!


I never thought I’d add “modeling” to my CV, but here we are. Our photographer, Joe, often needs an extra set of hands at client photoshoots. And when I say “extra set of hands,” I mean it literally. He just needs someone to hold a knife and fork, set of chopsticks or slice of pizza. Going on these photoshoots is fun and informative because it shows me the behind-the-scenes of the content we produce. And, yes, the shoots give me the chance to try delicious food!

Local Marketing

A big part of PR and restaurant marketing is making connections with the local community. This often means visiting our clients’ neighbours to share personalised promotions. I’ve explored new parts of the city through local marketing, and it’s rewarding to forge connections with other small businesses. Plus, who doesn’t love to spread the news about exciting new restaurant openings?

Social Media

Like most people, I’m completely addicted to social media. But before I started interning at Me:Mo, I had no idea how much work goes into creating the perfect feed. I’ve gained plenty of hands-on social media experience during my time at Me:Mo, from choosing images to writing copy and scheduling individual posts. It’s a lot of responsibility, but it’s great fun! 


There’s no denying that the Me:Mo team works hard – but they know how to have fun too! The team often gets invited to industry events, from restaurant launches to foodie parties. One of my favourite Me:Mo moments was an after-work trip to a Foodism food and wine pairing. I loved the chance to mingle with other PR and restaurant marketing people, try some new recipes and spend time with everyone out of the office. 

Interning at Me:Mo has been a one-of-a-kind experience. I’ve learned so much, met great people and even gotten a free meal or two. If you’re looking for an internship and would be keen to work in restaurant PR, do reach out to the Me:Mo team. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

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