Our guide to choosing the right photographer for your restaurant social media

Great restaurant social media and food photography is about understanding your brand and how that is visually represented. When you’re looking for a photographer to shoot your restaurant it’s important to find someone that has a style that you like and not ask them to replicate someone else’s. After all, you wouldn’t have asked Roy Lichtenstein to paint like Warhol? You’d just hire Warhol..? Dramatic example, but you get what I’m saying. 

Here are three examples of photographers that I love and why their works stands out amongst the mass population of food photographers. 

Ed Schofield 

Ed has a fantastic eye for colour and texture in his work, he is known for his photographs of suppliers and more of a behind the scenes approach to food photography. A large part of restaurant social media is about telling a story, getting to know more about the people that create the dishes, wait the tables and provide the produce. Ed’s style has a real sense of nostalgia, soft pastel colours and a great eye for portraits. Here is some work he did for DJ BBQ.  

Maria Angelanestola 

Maria isn’t technically a food photographer but this photo is one of the most beautiful and simple food photos I have ever seen. Maria shoots on film and this image has the charm of the format. Deep, grainy, pastel and ambient. Her use of colour is so intrinsic to her style and this photo shows the importance of human interaction in food photography. A stand alone photo of a plate of food gets repetitive and boring very quickly. You want your restaurant social media to stand out.  

Kelsey McClellan  

Kelsey’s work is almost surrealism, she uses food as object within a greater context. Although her approach may not be to showcase the ingredients in all their beauty, you can’t deny how striking and individual her style is. For effective restaurant social media you need create something that captures someone’s attention. Kelsey’s work is great example of this.  

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