‘You eat with your eyes first’ is a phrase that we are all very familiar with. Social media is fast becoming a food-driven platform for many, be it through restaurants advertising their business, or individuals sharing their personal pursuits in the kitchen. So how do you stand out against such a crowd? Very simply, through the visuals and standout restaurant photography.

Food photography is almost in a realm of its own. Capturing mouth-watering shots that are realistic and so visually appealing that the viewer can imagine eating it, or will want to, is the ultimate aim of successful restaurant photography. As an agency specialised in this field, we would like to share a few of our top tips for maximising your presence on social media, through high quality food photography and videography!

Tip 1 – Natural light

Shooting with natural light is typically our go to and our first recommendation, as it is a simple fix. This will produce more natural looking photos and give you more control over how you would like your photos to turn out. As a result, you will also find that you are able to build a more consistent gallery of photos on your social feed. For good restaurant photography, food and drink should be vivid but not overly saturated, and natural light works best with this in most settings.

Tip 2 – Angles

To keep your photos on social media interesting, it is important to vary the type of way you shoot your products. We find that working with several different angles can present the dish in multiple appealing ways, as well as bring more dimension to your feed. For flatter dishes or shooting a table spread, consider a flat-lay, for dishes with an element of height, shooting front may be a better way to tell the story. The key is always to experiment, and you’ll find you become more comfortable with each shot!

Tip 3 – Be dynamic

Let the juice drip from the burger, catch that splash the moment the ice cube is dropped into a cocktail, try capturing a pasta toss instead of just pasta on a plate, accept shots that are not conventionally ‘perfect’. Dynamic shots play with our senses and bring your dishes and the feed to life. Whilst scrolling through a feed of many simple, still shots, photos like these are likely to captivate your audience.

Tip 4 – Moving content

Whether it is short video clips, such as of a barista creating latte art, longer form video brand videos, a time-lapse or GIFs, restaurant photography should be incorporating more of these for social use. Moving content is highly engaging, so where there is an opportunity to shoot the process, it is a great chance to share beyond just the final dish.

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