As a social media agency with in-house graphic design we are constantly producing creative content for our clients whether it’s through imagery, videos and even graphic design elements. Through social media channels we are continuously working alongside innovative and intriguing influencers to promote our clients in creative ways. Influencers within social media have become an extremely valuable editorial source throughout the hospitality sector, looking at those who have a large following and produce interesting and consistent content which will boost visibility for our clients.

At Me:Mo we work with a variety of different types of influencers as part of our social media and graphic design service, ranging from food (of course) to lifestyle and even influencers who specialise in graphic design and illustrations as we are always on the hunt to find new and creative ways to produce and promote our clients through graphic social media content.

Below we have listed a few graphic design and illustration influencers that we are loving (though we can’t fit them all) at the moment within the world of social media:


Amadeus design work is mainly typography based, focusing his content on stunning and uniquely designed up typography. His feed showcases his design process as well as the finished product, so you are able to witness the progression from start to finish.


Neil’s work and beautiful feed is consistent with stunning colourful illustrations, creating poster designs combining typography and graphic elements to form marvellous outcomes. Each post is individual to itself but once combined with the others within the row and/or the rest of the content there is an endless flow of excellence.


Now Becca might be an American based design influencer, but her feed is the creation of pure brilliance. Using materials and surrounding objects to create eye-catching, dynamic typographic and graphic designs. The objects she uses to create these outcomes relate to the copy of the typography which just brings the whole design together.


Luke Choice is a spectacular designer specialising his work in 3D elements, typography and animation. His feed consists of bright colours throughout making his work look bold and outstanding. Each design post works on its own, but the use of vibrant colours pulls his feed together creating stunning content.


Gianluca is a London based graphic designer focusing on digital design, with his work and feed having a sense of minimalist tones with a consist use monochromatic colours, adding in pops of colour to break the feed up but still carrying on the clean content.

Go check these guys out to see what amazing talent they all have, and read here for other influencers we’re loving; promise it’ll be worth your while! Contact our social media and graphic design teams today to learn about how we could help you.

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