ME:MO Travels – Eating in Bali

Much to the envy of the rest of the team, I’ve been able to squeeze in another holiday before the year end jetting off to Bali for two weeks of sea, sun, and… eating (of course).

Bali may evoke thoughts of beautiful beaches and Aussie surfer dudes but it is also an island with serious foodie credentials. It’s easy to see why it’s a favourite with the foodie bloggers as much as the travel guys nowadays. I’ve listed below some of my top eats!

Nasi goreng

This is an absolute staple across Indonesia and it’s easy to see why. Nasi Goreng translated is ‘fried rice’ and you can get many variations of this across Indonesia (and in fact it’s increasingly popular overseas). Historically Nasi Goreng was developed as a way to avoid wasting rice before the days of refrigeration. Nasi Goreng combines fried rice, with a fried egg, and some form of protein. Kecap Manis, a sweet soy sauce, gives the dish a unique flavour. Nasi Goreng is cheap, cheerful, delicious, and available on literally every restaurant menu on the Island. A must try for sure.

Bebek Batutu

I was surprised to see roast duck on various menus in Bali. A twist on the classic French duck confit, the Balinese like to coat their duck in a spice paste before wrapping in banana leaves and steam roasting. Typically served with rice and sambol, it is absolutely delicious and unlike anything else I’ve had.


There is much argument over the origins of Satay, but it’s safe to say Bali has this one nailed. I’ve made Satay many times at home but can never quite replicate the original. Charcoal grilled meats that have been pre-marinated before being served with dipping sauce is my idea of heaven. Hands down the best Satay I had in Bali was from a little evening street food market hidden away in Sanur where the food was no fuss, cheap as chips, and just plain delicious. I’m hungry just thinking about it!


Bali, being an island, is a great place for seafood lovers. My favourite dinners were those where I could just order ‘catch of the day’ and see what arrived. It was all delicious. Prawns the size of my arm, fresh (sustainable) tuna, red snapper… the list goes on! Bali is a pescatarians dream.


So in summary, Bali is great for hot weather, friendly people, beautiful scenery, AND knock out food. A definite must-visit!

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