It’s another busy week for the Me:Mo Press Team, as Autumn is slowly approaching, which make it the perfect time for us to help our clients to start preparing for their special Autumn menu, as well as prepping for more restaurant PR needs for a holiday season to come. 


The cool, unruffled weather of the early change of season is the ideal time for a fancy dinner in a restaurant with a top-tier sky view, which Galvin at Windows ticks all the boxes. This week, Me:Mo teamed up with Mark Captain for a detailed and thorough review on Luxuriate Life (which we absolutely adore), plus a coverage round-up on the best destination to visit in London on Boat International. With its consistent improvement in quality and services that stand the test of time over its 14 years long opening, Galvin at Windows is offering, once again, its famous Wine Dinners, a full course meal developed based on your choice of wine. Officially starting on the 24th of September, this £149 dinner is now available for booking on their website. 


This September we’re celebrating the National Negroni Week. Co-exist with Galvin at Windows on their rooftop floor, 10 Degree was featured in the Handbook’s latest guide for the most impressive bars to visit during this week. With “boasting views over London’s soaring skyline”, perfect for that golden hour moment, their special Cherry Negroni is definitely a “cherry” on top for your after-dinner cocktail time.   


Another great coverage on the best spot in London for an unforgettable relaxing experience is from Crave Magazine for Hilton. Situated on the busy street of Park Lane, Hilton proves to be one of the best places to visit during this confusing time, offering newly introduce programmes for both safe and hygienic staying in, Clean Stay and Event Ready, with the main focus remains on its customers’ safety and wellbeing.


This week we are getting another wonderfully detailed piece from Nick Harman on London Stock, written for the Luxury Lifestyle Magazine on the person behind London Stock’s flavourful and pleasantly surprising dishes, chef Nico Fitzgerald who just want to make food “that’s bloody tasty”. Sounds good to us because we love a chef that inspires!


With the month of September coming to an end, we are also seeing the reopening of many restaurants, including City Social, the Michelin star restaurant that was spotted by Hot Dinners earlier this month. Count us in because who doesn’t want to taste that beautifully delicious dish made by Jason Atherton for a romantic change of season dinner?


As restaurant PR is getting more excited than ever with the reopening of many restaurants, along with the extended Eat Out to Help Out program that brings light to many hospitality businesses this month, be sure to contact us for more PR opportunities and restaurant PR helps while looking forward to more positive changes in the industry in the months to come.

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