In a post covid world, loyalty is at the forefront of every brands mind. Consumers are going out less, spending less, but people are still being loyal to the brands they love and supporting them in many ways. As a restaurant digital marketing agency there are so many ways to communicate to our loyal followers but one key way is through newsletters.

As a restaurant digital marketing agency we send newsletters for many of our clients like Galvin at Windows, and MyLahore. We need to ensure that they are eye catching and engaging to our databases. Here are some of the things that we, as a restaurant digital marketing agency, ensure are thought about.

Subject Header

This is the first thing that the reader sees and so this needs to be engaging enough to drive them to open the email and get that open rate percentage over 20%. As a restaurant marketing agency we need to be creative with these subject headers and put ourselves in the position of the reader to ensure we are being as engaging as possible.

Graphics and Imagery

Keeping the newsletter image focused tends to receive more click throughs as it is much more enticing than reading copy – especially when it comes to restaurants and hospitality. It’s important for a restaurant digital marketing agency to ensure you have relevant and engaging imagery is very important, using video, GIFs and moving content can be even more impactful.


Data can come from many different sources and it’s important that it is segmented and tagged with any additional information, meaning if you have a specific message to send, you can be more targeted in who you are sending newsletters to and ensure the message, the design and all aspects of the newsletter are targeted for that specific audience.


It is important for restaurant digital marketing agencies to understand the best day and time to send newsletters to ensure the optimum open rate. With customers receiving more communications from brands than ever, it’s key to find out when they are most likely to open their emails and be more willing to read communications from brands.


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