Restaurant Social Media coverage: June edition

This month we’ve been smashing it with restaurant social media coverage, from influencers to gold tier foodie accounts. Restaurant social media coverage is more in important than ever with an ever-scrolling generation and with the save tab getting more and more popular – some would even say it’s even more important than the likes a shot. Get a glimpse of the action below with our top five pieces.


Bring Me posted a video about the world-famous Florentine Ostrich egg on their Instagram channel who have a following of 1.1M followers. Videos naturally get more engagement, the video had 445.7k views and 24.6k likes. More impressively off the back of this we received 200+ followers just that day


Another thing that often happens is when an influencer comes in to post about one of our clients, other larger foodie accounts will re-gram their shots. This what happened when @fooding_in with 5.8k followers went to Japes and then @top_london_restaurants with 239k followers regrammed their shot. This re-gram got 3.9k likes in total. The point here is having double coverage and propelling your presence even further


Recently we had Top London Resto come in to review @numnumuk

with total following of 154k followers on Instagram. Which also happened to be another regram from another account


Another great post was from influencer Fit Waffle who has a 129k following, her post for Japes got 2.7k likes. Her post was really engaging with the longest pizza cheese pull we’ve ever seen! It’s clear she knows what she’s doing!


Truffle and Toast has been doing the rounds with us at Me:Mo, with restaurant social media coverage for Enoteca, Chino, NumNum and Florentine. For influencers it’s important to have a wide range of following for healthy variety.

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