Regardless of the fact that eating out nowadays has taken a different form and ultimately requires a revised approach and understanding, most if not all of us (talking restaurant lovers or fair-weather diners) need to get our fill of the latest, hottest, coolest joints in town from somewhere – and it can’t ALL be from Instagram. So where do we head? The answer is our beloved food press.

Our press team gives you their top picks when it comes to best-loved hospitality down-loads, which if you were to bundle them all together and fully digest, you’d be the ultimate eating encyclopaedia of where’s hot in London and where your next socially distanced dinner needs to be…

First up – Hot Dinners. We love these guys. Headed up by the brother and sister team, Catherine & Gavin Hanly are a top food press authority who, quite simply, love eating out and pioneer London’s restaurants as some of the most exciting in the world.

They are here to give us the inside skinny on what’s happening on the London food scene from the hottest restaurants, latest news via their Gastroblog, New and upcoming hot restaurants with information on new openings, soft launches as well as exclusive features and interviews with some of London’s top chefs and cream of the crop operators.

Eater London – a slick, cool, one-stop-shop for food news and neighbourhood dining guides with easy to navigate maps to get you right where you want and importantly need to be.

A recent addition to Eater came ‘Eater 38’ which aims to highlight London’s essential restaurants. It includes a range of prices, spans 19 cuisines and features time-honoured restaurants whose class and quality have resisted a frenetic, fad-fascinated culture as well as those that have more recently made the city a better place to eat.

This list — for the first-time visitor and the lifelong Londoner — makes one thing certain: In London, it is now possible to eat as well as anywhere in the world.

London On The Inside – the best of what’s on in London from food, drink and fashion, to fitness, hip hotel stays, must-listen podcasts and local London hang outs.

Born from a love of unlocking hidden gems in a big city, LOTI connects people to local and global brands, discoveries and experiences, feeding the curiosity of those looking for experiences and insights that suit their own individual lifestyle.

LOTI aim is to keep people in the know with recommendations and insights across London life, the happenings, the food, the pop ups and quirky events taking place in the many communities that make up London.

The Handbook – your experts guide to the latest in food, drink, travel, arts and theatre with venue opening highlights, places for private hire and event planning as well as celebrity contacts for high profile events.  With a constant finger on the pulse, The Handbook provides the latest on what’s hot, things to do this weekend and quick d-lo on things you might have missed.  Filled with bags of great content, beautifully styled and well written, we look forward to our weekly inbox drop to ensure we remain the experts when it comes to hospitality.

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