Some look forward to their birthday, others to Christmas. Here at Me:Mo, we count down the days until National Pizza Day. Luckily our wait is over, and on 9 February we will finally be celebrating Foodism’s annual holiday – with a piping hot slice of our favourite pie, of course.

Foodism has teamed up with many great pizzerias, all of which will offer a 30% discount to celebrate the beloved cheesy dish. There are many tasty options, but one stands out among the rest: Japes, London’s first-ever Chicago-style pizza restaurant.

Championed in the Windy City in the 1940’s, Chicago-style pizza is characterized by a famously deep-dish crust. It’s thick, indulgent and super cheesy, which is exactly the way that pizza should be. Japes beautifully executes this unique style, so you no longer have to fly across the pond to experience it.

Japes is participating in Foodism’s National Pizza Day campaign, so on 9 February you can test their menu for 30% off. Getting the discount is easy – simply follow the instructions on Foodism’s website to unlock this savoury deal.

National Pizza Day is one of the best days of the year, and Japes is sure to go above and beyond to celebrate the occasion. And trust us, once you try Chicago-style, you’ll never look at thin crust the same again.

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