The Me:Mo team are a keen bunch of foodies, constantly trying the newest restaurant and always looking for emerging cuisines and trends. There are a few really exciting stories we’ve spotted this week, that we just can’t help but shout out about!

  1. Brunch Dish Breakfast Cereals

We love cereal, and we LOVE brunch but we don’t often consider the two together. Cereal is more often than not a quick fix as we run out of the door (or a guilty student worthy dinner) whereas brunch is a long and luxurious affair. We spotted a new concept launching with our friends across the pond that combines the two. Post Cereals is launching a Chicken & Waffles, and a Maple Bacon Donuts, cereal. We’re intrigued. The flavours are a brunch classic combo, but how will this translate to cereal? We’re looking forward to seeing how they are received when they launch on the 7th March, and hope to see the cereals make their way to the UK.

  • DNA Dining

We’re big fans of Yo! Sushi, and their never ending innovative and fun stories. Their latest campaign sees them partnering with the Future Laboratory and DNAFit to create personalised plate plans. Simply complete a swab test, to receive your genetic results detailing food sensitivities and suggested best dishes. With so many dishes to choose from at Yo Sushi! we love this idea!

  • Solo Dining

Another story from across the pond, and another focused on dining! Eater has reported an 80% increase in solo dining in New York in the last four years – something we are really happy to see. Data from OpenTable suggests that there is no longer seen as a negative to eat out alone and lists some of the top New York restaurants who are welcoming solo diners with open arms. Although we love to eat out with friends, and enjoy food as a social occasion, we’re delighted to see the stigma removed from flying solo. Sometimes it’s nice to have a bit of alone time and enjoy a long and lazy meal over a book and with a fine glass of wine.

  • Calendar Dates

Now, we’re as bored as anyone with the ‘National This Day’ or ‘Celebrate That Day’ as there is literally one for every day of the year nowadays. However, this feels like the season with legit reasons to celebrate food. From Valentine’s Day, to Pancake Day, and Mother’s Day and Easter just around the corner, there are so many fun and sociable occasions on the horizon. At Me:Mo towers, we’re particularly looking forward to our annual Hot Cross Bun Taste Test and this year will be bringing treats from our friends at Japan Centre into the mix as well as the Marks & Spencer Salted Caramel Hot Cross Buns that we are seeing everywhere.

  • Ice Cream + Booze + Yes

We’ve seen a few versions of this from craft ice cream companies in recent years, and now Häagen Dazs is jumping on the bandwagon with a range of booze-infused ice creams, labelled ‘The Spirits Range’. The range includes Irish Cream Brownie (yes please!), Bourbon Vanilla Bean Truffle, Rum-infused Tres Leches, Stout Chocolate Pretzel Crunch, Bourbon Praline Pecan, and Amaretto Black Cherry Almond Toffee. They all sound pretty great to us, and in the interests of fairness we do feel we should probably trial them all before calling out a favourite.

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