As a top London restaurant SEO agency, we know that getting customers to choose your restaurant above your competition can be a daunting task. There’s certainly a lot of new openings, and plenty of online mags hyping up the new hot spot. But with all these titles telling consumers they simply MUST dine at this or that restaurant, it can get confusing to sort your diamond from the rough.

That’s where your reputation management comes in. Managing your reputation on peer review platforms like Google My Business and TripAdvisor is essential in building an authentic database of trustworthy recommendations from normal people, and further encourages hungry searchers to choose your business above the competition!


What is reputation management?

It’s all in the name! Reputation management covers an umbrella of regular tasks, to ensure that your business’ online reputation is a positive one. This includes regularly checking in on your GMB listing, or your TripAdvisor, to read over and learn from your customers’ reviews. Customers will often leave feedback and thoughts on their dining experience, and it is important to respond to every one. This shows that you are a business that cares about your customers’ experience, as well as providing valuable and (more often than not!) positive feedback.

Of course, a positive review is always a lovely thing to receive, but the odd negative review can be an opportunity to learn and grow. Negative reviews are also important in managing your restaurant’s reputation online, as the way in which a negative review is handled can quickly escalate, and if handled poorly, can also have the adverse effect on new customers and make your business seem hostile or unwelcoming. Instead, invite negative reviews to get in contact with your business directly via email to discuss and resolve the issue.


Why does it matter?

Consumers use peer reviews as a reliable and unbiased recommendation – with investigations finding that people use reviews to reduce the risk of disappointment, cut down on valuable googling time, and to influence their decision in where to eat that night. Your customers may have heard of you from a newsletter in their inbox, or a top London mag, but the opinion of their peers is a much more valuable and most importantly trustworthy recommendation. Engaging with customers in these forums encourages feedback and conversation, and helps to make your business as welcoming and friendly online as it is in real life!


As a top London restaurant SEO agency, we ensure that our team checks your review platforms on a daily basis so that all reviews are responded to, and your online reputation and presence helps to drive customers through your doors.

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