At Me:Mo, we’re mad about all things restaurant social media, so it’s no surprise that we are all absolute foodies. We love hearing about the latest restaurant re-openings, getting the inside scoop from the latest reviews and of course drooling over beautifully curated content. Obviously, we had to round up some of our favourite food influencers because unlike our food we had to share this.

  1. @clerkenwellboyec1 – 222k followers

Clerkenwell Boy, also known as an absolute legend in the Instagram game. His content is carefully curated with a mix of food, travel and lifestyle which slot together perfectly on his feed. When your spoilt for choice with all the restaurants London has to offer, taking a quick scroll through his Instagram is a great way to test your cravings. With content ranging from fine-dining to deep fat fried guilty pleasures you really can’t go wrong.

Thought you’d heard the best part? He’s anonymous, and the mission to discovering the Banksy of the food world continues…

  1. @londoncoffeeshops – 234k followers

I’ll pre-warn you that you’ll certainly want brunch all day, every day after seeing this gorgeous feed. Brunch is a glorious hybrid of savoury and sweet, which quite frankly makes it a top-tier meal option and also a great excuse to feel fancy whilst catching up with friends. It’s also the only time it’s socially acceptable to fill up on Prosecco at 12pm, and if you are feeling indecisive, London Coffee Shops is your go-to. For artisanal coffee and afternoon tea lovers, they’ve also got you covered.

  1. @birkbites – 13.1k followers

We have now entered brunch and cocktail heaven with Lucy Birkbeck’s foodie Instagram, Birk Bites. Visiting London’s most well-known and secret hangouts, Lucy can be seen visiting edgy Box Park, Spitalfields Market and Hard Rock Café. She’s also visited our very own Cocotte Rotisserie and Smith’s Bar and Grill, so check her feed out if you’re looking for the ultimate brunch date or a hearty feast.

  1. @the_lazyfoodie – 64.4k followers

As a restaurant social media agency, there’s no denying we have a penchant for aesthetics.

*Enter The Lazy Foodie*

With a feed that perfectly balances variety with minimalism and features more flat lays than you can possibly imagine, it can leave you scrolling for hours if you’re not careful. Christy’s feed is the perfect representation of ethereal food styling and cuteness combined. She also likes to travel, so if you can get over the serious travel envy, you can start building a list of food places ahead of your next destination!

  1. @KS_ate_here – 117k followers

We couldn’t share our top food influencers without including one that is guaranteed to leave you in a food coma. The food featured on here is the epitome of #foodporn and will definitely get you out of a hangry mood. Expect rivers of cheese, enough meat to feed an army and all the toppings imaginable.

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