Instagram is no longer just an app to share pictures and/or videos, it’s become a platform for people to showcase their work, promote themselves and their brands, and in fact has become a part of day to day life for many. Creating content for Instagram feeds has developed since the app first came into existence, and now generating content has become a strategic thought process rather than uploading on a whim. From designing flawless feeds to having catchy captions and perfect bios, Instagram users have seriously changed the game of social media. As a restaurant Instagram agency, we work closely with our clients to design the best Instagram accounts with well thought out content feeds, creative highlight covers and story ideas, and finally simple and straightforward yet catchy bios and captions.

If you are looking to improve the design of your feed and/or page or start curating your Instagram from scratch keep reading for top tips for the best Instagram design.

Top tip 1: Pick a niche to your feed

Whether it’s lifestyle, food and drink, interiors, or fashion content, be consistent with what you post as this will engage your viewers more and increases the chances of them interacting with your page.

Top tip 2: Colour blocking

Choosing a colour palette/theme to bring your feed together is key to a pleasing aesthetic. Using the same colour shades or a particular palette consistently throughout your feed will give your grid a more professional and coherent look. If you’re using Instagram as a platform for your brand or business, use your brand colours and assets to bring your feed together, this will give off a good first impression to viewers.

Top tip 3: Grid layout

When thinking about what to post, think about the layout of your grid and how it will all sit beside each other. Grids can be formed in different layouts of how you place each post, whether it’s consistency through each row or column, some feeds are structured to post like a checkers board or even using your colour theme to determine the layout. Pre-planning your grid is a good way for you to visualise your feed before it goes live, apps such as is a great tool to get you all set up.

Top tip 4: Stick to the same edit

If it hasn’t been said enough; consistency is key, and it doesn’t stop here. Editing posts, whether it’s imagery or videos, or even graphic design tiles, make sure you keep all your edits the same as this will draw your feed together alongside the grid post and chosen colour theme.

Top tip 5: Utilise Instagram tools

Instagram has come up with a wide range of new tools that sit alongside tools that have been there from the start. One tool that adds to your Instagram design is using highlights and creating highlight covers that will compliment your feed nicely. This can be created by using icons to represent each highlight or simple block colours.

Follow these tips and be sure to have your Instagram dazzling, and of course, be sure to check out our Instagram.

If you aren’t up for creating your own Instagram feed, give us a call for a hand!

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