It’s the most wonderful time of the year – Christmas collateral.

Restaurant marketing is no easy task. One of the main challenges we face as a restaurant marketing agency is not only conducting successful marketing, but more importantly, choosing what kind of marketing a restaurant might need.

Much like the expression, how long is a piece of string, marketing a restaurant can go on forever. We as an agency need to be decisive and thorough in our choices and planning to ensure we cut through much of the white noise and hectic chatter that can occur surrounding the restaurant industry and make our clients known and heard in creative and inventive ways

As December approaches, the competition is fiercer than ever with new restaurants openingevery week thus pushing us to move towards new and exciting ventures as a restaurant marketing agency. Here are our top tips to get you noticed this festive season.


Events packs

Christmas time is party time! Plenty of good food and great drinks as the restaurant scene comes to life more than any other month. A way of marketing your restaurant in the right way is to create a bespoke events pack that includes plenty of venue images, your Christmas menu and key information such as capacity and contact numbers to ensure those working offices around you who are looking for a party space, have you as their first choice. We created bespoke events packs for our clients such as Cocotteand The Chilli Pickleas a professional tool for marketing.



Although flyers aren’t the most original idea, a lot can be said in physically handing someone a piece of collateral. They key to using flyers for restaurant marketing is in the design. If you ensure you create an eye catching piece of work with a hard to resist offer and hire a top notch distribution company such as Yes People, you’ll see the increase in footfall over the festive season.


Digital marketing

With the world  ever increasingly on their phones, booking holidays, banking and using devises even for restaurant reservations, sometimes it’s best to take things online. Creating a cohesive social media spend strategy using Facebookand Instagramto run alongside your events packs and flyers will only every help marketing your restaurant to its best ability.

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