Social media comes in several different forms. We think of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as the big three. Social media is an inevitable part of running a modern business, vital for branding in today’s age. Whether you use social media or not, you can be sure that your customers are Instagramming, tweeting and posting about their time at your restaurant online. Here are our top three tips to make your restaurant’s social media stand out from the crowd.

1. Think Like Your Customer

Know who you’re communicating with. Who is your target market? Think like your customer: what would you want to see from a restaurants social media and what would entice you to that particular restaurant? Creating a consistent voice and tone will help with this. See Galvin at Windows (one of our clients) as an example: the clean and modern aesthetic is consistent through their Instagram feed. Vibrant, clean photography is used for their food shots. They want to be known for their great selection of food with a particular favourite of theirs showcasing their head chef Joo Won.

social media Instagram post         social media Instagram post

2. Share Customer Related Content

Restaurant social media isn’t just about what you produce, who produces it and where it’s produced. It is also about WHO chooses to eat and taste that produce. Checking up on customer feedback creates a friendly online persona. Using 39 Steps Coffee Haus as an example, share content from customers regularly. This allows their social media followers a chance to be featured on the brand’s social media pages. By acknowledging these posts, 39 Steps are creating ‘social proof’ that the brand is popular and is  generating a build-up of social media content from their following. This is essentially, free marketing.

social media Instagram post

3. Create Relevant Posts!

This is the most crucial point when considering your restaurant’s social media. Think about the engagement moving forward with posts you’re putting out – is this relevant? Will your followers like this content? Sprout Social research discovered that the most ‘annoying action’ restaurants and brands make on their social media is too many promotional posts. These talk about discounts or specific products which, of course, is vital in promoting your brand. However, too much of this sort of content and posts can be too in your face and quite simply, annoying. These posts don’t need to be in your face but can be visually attractive to your customers. Think about Christmas as an example. Subtle marketing within your social media feed is both aesthetically appealing and promotes your brand. Hungry Donkey who are currently promoting their Christmas menu has incorporated a hint of Christmas within their feed. As well as promoting their new menu and booking info for upcoming Christmas parties. Subtle, but works!

social media Instagram post

Next time when you’re thinking about what to post on your restaurant social media, check back at these ideas to get inspired. Good luck!

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