In modern day society an incredibly strong link between restaurants and social media has been forged, and this is only going to strengthen. It is no secret that Instagram has a rather strong community of foodies who contribute to building restaurant social media reputation. These are individuals who are always up-to-date with new openings, plan their days around visiting and shooting their food related ventures, all to produce a mouth-watering feed that will have everyone bookmarking said food establishment for a future visit. Most people do not have a wealth of knowledge of restaurants in London, so London foodies are doing all the work for us. Be it an extensive amount of time or just snapshots within the day where we spend scrolling through Instagram, it is not difficult for a carefully curated shot to catch our eye and consequently find ourselves searching all about that dish and restaurant. This is exactly why strong restaurant social media presence is incredibly important. Here’s a roundup of some London Foodies delivering some of the most eye-catching and appetising photos.


Levitating bubble tea, mid-air noodle toss, flying pizza. This is definitely not something you encounter often. Motion in food is Mike’s niche that sets him apart from other food Instagrammers. You will have yourself questioning how each shot is so effortlessly executed and with all components intact. With a cool, dark theme where the food is given priority in colour, your eyes are naturally drawn to the food. Restaurant social media engagement without a doubt benefits from Mike’s fun and creative shots. Rest assured, the food is always caught, never wasted. You can find more about Mike’s inspiration and his tips in his interview with Canon.


An aesthetic feed that slips in restaurant interior shots within the mix of food flat lays. Not only is the millennial interested in eating with their eyes on Instagram, knowing exactly what a restaurant looks like can be a major selling point. Whether it’s clean and minimalist, brightly lit and plant-laden or colour themed with fun neon lights – a picture speaks heaps about a restaurant’s story. Polly’s artfully built Instagram feed features appetising flat lays of breakfast, brunch and lunch in natural light and plenty of coffee shots.

Vibrantly saturated photos of a range of cuisines, with captions that are straight to the point detailing the elements of each dish she has consumed, you will know exactly what is being eaten and where. Featured are savoury dishescreated from seasonal ingredients and decadent desserts. The untouched photos of the original dish are always beautifully and expertly styled. This is a no-fuss, honest guide to local and high-end London restaurants that she aptly and light-heartedly labels as an insight into her bank statement.


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