How rich would you be if you had a pound for every time you heard the word ‘influencer’? It’s obvious the term’s been surfing the web for a while now, and many have even been clever enough to make a living out of it. With the prevalence of Instagram, almost anyone can be an influencer whether that may be within the realm of fashion, travel or lifestyle. But as the title reads we’ll be discussing London foodies acing their IG game through restaurant social media right now. 


As restaurant social media grows, the more flamboyant it becomes. Visual stylist and brunch connoisseur, Juwairiah, snaps nothing other than vibrant hues of gelato and other dessert goodness. While our city pours with rain during the summer months, count on The Brunching Biologist to sweeten up your day (quite literally). Packed with an assortment of colourful treats ranging from Matcha Taiyaki Ice-cream to Ube Cheesecake, her page also offers radiant savoury dishes too catering to all taste buds. It’s uncertain whether Juwairiah suffers from type 2 diabetes but at least her feed’s cute. 


July is almost upon us, yet beach bodies are still pending. Who to follow for low-cal meals? Not Lilo and Dish. Sharing a penchant for all things aesthically pleasing, you can find London’s most-talked-about budget bites in the restaurant social media game, here. Whether you’re extremely indecisive or have a selective food palate, her page offers a variety of options from Boba Milk Tea to Pulled Belt Noodles. If a well-balanced, nutritious diet doesn’t rock your boat, they’re probably worth a follow. 

Fat noodles being pulled out of a ramen bowl. Taken by restaurant social media foodie @liloanddish


If pictures weren’t enough to quench your hunger, trust 90foodie to cause salivation through his videography. Ranging between 10 to 60 seconds long, Sanji’s simple yet effective video-editing techniques captures only the juiciest of burgers and creamiest of curries. With a combination of dramatic music and flavoursome dishes, his posts leaves viewers drooling over their screens. He’s clearly playing no games when it comes to restaurant social media. 

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