In London you’re never more than twenty feet away from somewhere that sells chicken, and when you work with restaurant social media every day, you definitely get your share of poultry. Got to say though, one of the reasons we love working with Cocotte is that they do things a little differently. First of all, everything you get is organic, free-range and selected from the very best. Secondly, they do all their own marinades (to secret recipes, natch), make all their own sauces and generally take an “if we didn’t make it, why would we serve it?” sort of attitude. It makes them not only a gorgeous place to eat (head to Notting Hill or Hoxton Square to find out for yourself) but also the sort of client who you just want to make bespoke things for.

That’s why we love to swing by and make short videos for their social media channels (plus if you’re not making video for your restaurant social media channels, you’re going to increasingly be ignored, this is 2019 after all) and just like the Cocotte crew themselves, they don’t have to be fancy but they do have to be honest and generally tasty.

Take a couple of hours, a couple of cameras, and a couple of social media content creators with a hunger for making good things and you can make something which speaks far more eloquently of the charms of a place than any copy, photo or vine (do you miss vine?) could ever hope to do.

Take a look at a little something we made to show some of the little something they make, and we dare you (no, double-dare you) not to be hungry in under 30 seconds.



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