Instagram is one of the leading platforms for a restaurant to use to gain popularity and build a brand, from start off to modernising your company and having one of the best retaurant social media agencies on board can be a great help to a business.

The platform can be used in many ways with the option to post pictures, videos, and now reels. Instagram also offers a platform to sell and buy products. With Instagram’s visual marketing channel, it is the way forward when aiming to grow your business. The use of reels on your page can help add more personality as you can pair it with the latest trending song, get your followers grooving while they admire your content. Reels are 60 seconds of pictorial perfection when done effectively. Easy to make, Reels can be a mixture of short videos and photography, there is also an option to add effects and filters.

The social media app offers users a tool to promote content. This can be very useful to users as adverts can be personalised to target key users of the app. Paid promotions through Instagram is an efficient and easy way to advertise you, your brand and your product. Promotions can be set to target certain geographical locations and age groups.

Any best restaurant social media agency will be able to help grow a client’s online presence through guidance and expertise, here we share some of our top tips if you want to go it alone.

A main point to focus on is content, posts should include appealing images and generally flow well. Interacting with followers on your posts builds good morale and makes your brand more personable. Responding to your followers’ messages and comments builds a good relationship with your Instagram following. Online interaction and customer service is just as important as face-to-face communication with a customer and a hands on approach keeps followers absorbed and involved with the growth of your brand.

Keeping content consistent and uniform not only looks professional but builds a brand and with a familiar and identifiable style. Consistency is key. With the help of a social media focused agency who can guide and excel your business into the right direction with the knowledge of an industry – you’ll be famous in no time.

Content that is well thought out and planned ahead will keep up the image of your brand. The best ways to optimise your Instagram account is through keeping content interesting, fun and exciting. Imagery is the main focus with Instagram, the use of a restaurant social media agency like Me:Mo can make your ideas come to life… “An Instagram feed to match the identity’’.

Partnering up with likeminded businesses is also a strong strategy, the more the merrier we say.  We recommend reaching out to companies in your industry and pitching an idea to work together. Teaming up for giveaways, competitions and collaborations is a strong way to build followers. This allows two or more Instagram’s following to merge and discover new people, products and services.

Finally, the use of hashtags are important, aim to use 15-30 per post, only using what is relevant to you and your Instagram. Overusing hashtags can be overwhelming and your post can get lost within the algorithm, stick to key words related to your product and location. We do not recommend tagging every city under the sun, stick to your location, product and key words relevant to your Instagram. Hashtags are a great tool when used correctly.

Want more top tips, or further support with your social media efforts? Drop us a note today.

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