At Me:Mo, digital marketing for restaurants is what we do and in the digital world we’re living it is one of the most important tools for a restaurant to be successful. Newsletters and database building alongside social media, are vital ways to share valuable information, offers and news and needs ongoing work to keep your loyal audience engaged and build your community further. So, if you are looking to improve your digital marketing for restaurants by creating engaging newsletter content and grow your newsletter database, keep reading for Me:Mo’s top tips and tricks:

Web pop-up for database growth: Growing your database can be a long process, so getting restaurant guests and website viewers to subscribe can sometimes mean creating an incentive to do so. Adding a web pop-up with an added incentive to subscribe can help drive newsletter sign ups. Choose incentive that gives real value and insight to our customer, this can be added information or an offer. For example, ‘sign up to our newsletter for our top five tips on making fresh pasta’ or ‘sign up to our newsletter for the chance of winning a meal for two’.


Catchy subject lines for newsletters: Everyone has inboxes full of emails that often are deleted within seconds so now more than ever it is vital to keep content relevant and interesting to grab your readers attention and keep unsubscribes to a minimum. At Me:Mo, it starts with the subject line, keep it simple, keep it catch and try to connect to current media events or topics to increase the chances of email opening rates. We aren’t afraid of emojis too!

Website design and content: Ensuring your website is up to date, beautifully designed, full of engaging content and easy to use can make the difference between a user signing up to your database to learn more about your brand, or never seeing them again. So, ensure your website is looking good and also fully optimised by a website developer.

If you found these tips helpful and would like to know more, drop us a line here or visit our Instagram and we’d love to give extra guidance about digital marketing for restaurants and building your database.

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