At Me:Mo we have a real thing for good restaurant websites. From design to functionality, there’s nothing more satisfying than an easy to use and easy to look at site.

Restaurant Story

We couldn’t write this round up without including Restaurant Story by Tom Sellers. As with every element of the restaurant, the website tells a story. With a concise blurb and dynamic movement of images you get a sense of the restaurant and the experience you’d enjoy as a customer. As well as a smooth journey, the restaurant website is solidly built and easy to navigate.

Muse By Tom Aikens

This site is classic and beautiful, one we love to look at and that reflects the restaurant well. Heavy on copy and links, the site is clearly built with SEO in mind yet is interesting to read. With clear links to booking options and social handles, and further pages for interesting reading, we’re just about ready to book now!


Again, we just can’t write a Me:Mo blog round up without including a mention of Big Mamma Group. Although new kid on the block, Ave Mario, is currently the hot topic we have a soft spot for Gloria’s site. To be fair, all of the Big Mamma sites have the same structure though the identity of each is cleverly weaved into their own pages. The Gloria site boasts beautiful imagery and bags of personality with clear links to book and learn more.

London Stock

This is one slick website! We love the restaurant, and we love its website too! With dynamic design (are you seeing a theme here yet?!), this is another site that is clearly built with SEO in mind and the structure is sound. Classic and elegant, this site offers clear and concise information supplemented by beautiful imagery. Though not a complex site, it’s one that ticks all the boxes for us.


Admittedly we are big fans of Hoppers and you’ll often find us there tucking into a kari or a kothu. It therefore makes sense that we love the website as much as we love everything about the actual restaurant. With a clear and easy to navigate customer journey, and bags of personality, the website is a one stop shop for everything you might need; from seeing menus and booking, visiting Instagram and signing up to newsletters, and just generally getting a really good feel for the brand.

So, that’s it. A snapshot of some of our favourite restaurant websites. Want to know more about our services? Drop us a note today.

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