We’ve all heard about the importance of marketing for a business but are you familiar with some of the different facets within this broad umbrella? Depending on who you are targeting, and what you are trying to achieve, it is important to consider your marketing approach for the most successful results. As a top marketing agency in London, some of our services in this field include influencer marketing, local marketing and email marketing. Read on for a snapshot into how you can make the most of email marketing.


Getting people to sign up to your database is the first task but it does not end there. It is important you maintain customers’ interest to develop them into another valuable audience subset. How can you go about tackling this? Firstly, the content. No-one wants to be bombarded with spam-like emails and the more you share content that does not add value or diverges from what your subscriber is expecting to receive, the more likely you will see your open rate and click rate decrease, all whilst the unsubscribes increase. Share content only when it is meaningful and relevant and define a schedule of posting frequency, such as monthly or fortnightly. For a top marketing agency in London, considering the content is not just the body of the email. Another highly important factor is the subject line. We have probably all experienced at some point the equivalent of ‘clickbait’, which is in principle a marker of a good subject line. By that, we mean a subject line that successfully lures in a customer to open that email. Whilst we are not encouraging you to create a farfetched subject line, we do emphasise the importance of choosing a short and snappy subject line that excites the reader.


Another key tip for successful email marketing is the use of segmentation. Segmenting your audience by characteristics, such as location, enables you to send more relevant and personal emails. The more targeted the audience at the receiving end of your email, the more likely you are to successfully transmit your message, be it sharing location specific news or a location specific offer.


Another top tip this top marketing agency in London is eager to share with you, is the feature of automations. Automations are a great way to turn guests that have signed up to your database into customers, such as through offering first-time sign ups a discount code. Additionally, automations can utilise the information individuals share when they sign-up, to allow a business to build a more personal relationship with each guest. A key and simple one is a birthday automation. An email with a surprise gift on a customer’s birthday is likely appreciated by many and will keep your business front of mind for the individual.

A/B testing

After all the hard work of considering what to put in your email, we also want to be delivering the email to land in people’s inboxes at the most optimum time. Email marketing can be highly successful but only when people are actually seeing your emails. A/B testing with email send outs is an important stage in developing your email marketing strategy. Through sending the same email but splitting your audience by send out day or time, you can begin to identify trends for when the best time to send out your email is. Continuing this stream, you can also explore the effect of subject title length, ‘from’ sender, use of emojis and more. Keep testing! Maximum return and effective email marketing is a key aspect for any top marketing agency in London.

We hope these tips are useful and will be incorporated in your strategy to drive your results further. If you would like to our help with marketing, want us to share further expertise, drop us a message here!

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