As a social media agency, one of our main roles is to offer good community management on social media platforms. Social media has increasingly become an interactive platform where viewers and account holders interact, comment, and share opinions. In a sense community management is providing customer service to your followers. The more you engage with your followers, the stronger your account will look compared to others. Good community management is vital for a social media page to flourish as it attracts new followers as well as retaining existing followers due to building that good relationship by sparking interest with your audience. As your following grows, it’s even more important to have good community management to make sure your following stay loyal and also increase.

If you are looking to improve your community management then we have a few top tips we’d like to share as a social media agency.

Top Tip 1

Engagement on Stories

Stories are becoming a major part of Instagram. People post stories more than posting on their feed, even daily stories are a popular choice for social media agencies. Therefore, it is vital to make sure your stories are interactive, engaging and more interesting than your competitor’s stories. So how can you make a story more engaging? Instagram allows many tools for this to happen such as creating a poll? Creating a quiz? Rating how much you ‘heart’ something? All these methods are engaging the viewer so they are more interested and they can themselves take part in the feed. These stories become more fun even and engage the viewer by perhaps teaching them something they didn’t know or including their own input to see what they think about something. Instead of the story being merely an image showing something, it gets the viewer involved which sparks interest and when you’ve been scrolling through Instagram stories for hours, it’s the story that asks a question or engages the most that gets the viewer to remember and feel interested.

Top Tip 2

Engagement on Posts

Interacting with posts can be a great way of engaging with your audience. This can be done by liking the comments, commenting on them, engaging in conversation or answering questions. By interacting with your audience you are increasing interest with them, gaining their loyalty and making your followers feel special. It also makes your account more personal instead of just being a profile you scroll past, it becomes an interactive platform where relationships can be formed.

Top Tip 3

Interacting on messaging

Replying to messages is another great way to boost your community management on your feed. This is a space where your followers can ask questions, engage on your feed and share thoughts. By interacting on personal messaging you are getting to know your followers more, presenting yourself in a more personal light and increasing the chance of your following to be more loyal and engaged with your profile. Software such as Sprout Social can be really useful for pulling all of your messages into a simple single view.

Top Tip 4

Following back and reaching out to other profiles

As a social media agency, we pride ourselves on good community management. One way we do this is by manual builds. Increasing your followers by following other profiles and following back accounts means you are increasing your followers and forming loyalties with other accounts by following back. By conducting manual builds you are also increasing awareness for your account meaning more people will be interested to follow.

If you found these tips helpful and would like to know more, drop us a line here and we’d love to give extra guidance on improving your community management.

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