These last couple of years we have seen a significant shift in restaurant marketing, offline and online. Every day there are new, interesting and overall smarter ways of getting in touch with your audience, captivating them and furthermore, holding their attention. According to Google, the average age of kids to receive their first phone is 10.3 years old, mind blow. So as the old saying goes, if you can’t beat them, join them and get yourself and your restaurant marketing, online. Here is a run-down of top marketing trends you need to know to get your restaurant marketing in tip-top shape.

WIFI marketing

With an ever increasing need to get online, WIFI marketing for your restaurant is the first place you should start. A complete easy win to getting invaluable data from people who actually visit your restaurant. Although some might say newsletters are dated, most of us have a job that requires us to sit in front of a computer so what is better than getting a message straight into people’s inbox? What’s is more, companies such as Cheerfy, Connectify and Wireless Social provide you with features such as SMS integration, device tracking and conversion tracking meaning you can end up with some seriously smart restaurant marketing tools at your disposal.


People want to see even more, even faster nowadays. With the power of Instagram stories growing every day, it’s inevitable that your online restaurant marketing and content collateral needs to move with the times too. The great thing is, you can be in the game even if you might not actually be there yet. With ever improving features such as questions, polls and book now options, you can be communicating with your customers without having to actually do any communicating, genius!

Paid Social

Although there is still some stigma around online ads (who here has not clicked on a link because it says “ad”?) we have to admit that, due to the vast increase of paid social most likely everyone will have their hand in the paid social pot. Paid social is old news, but you have to be in it to win it. So, if you haven’t included any paid social advertising on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram in your restaurant marketing strategy, you should! You’ve got to pay to be seen.

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