Everyone in the social circle and pretty much any Instagram user is probably all too aware of how often Instagram likes to change their algorithm. The question on everyone’s mind is always, what can I do to reach more people and get them to engage with my content? One of our favourite ways to effectively uplift your brand and improve your reach and engagement is by giving your Instagram stories a little more love. Read on to find out some of our go-to tips and tricks when it comes to Instagram story design. 


Start simple. Instagram has a number of interactive features, so make use of them. From music to location and from website links to polls, these Instagram tools are a great way to get your audience to actively engage with your content. Not only do they encourage your viewers to stop and look at your entire story, but they are also a fantastic way to find out more about your audience, their opinions on your brand and push bookings. Making the customer journey easier is always a good thing, so inclusion of a ‘book now’ button that links directly to your reservation’s platform, which the user can access via just one tap, can increase website traffic and your chances of conversions. Whether it’s something light-hearted, such as having your viewers guess the new location for a future opening, to stories with more call-to-action intentions, start adding these features to your next Instagram story design. 


There are plenty of apps and software out there that act as a great creative support for Instagram story design. One of the most well-known tools, which we often utilise, is Canva. If you’re opting for a sleeker, more designed looking set of Instagram stories, Canva can certainly help you achieve this. Explore a variety of fonts, colours and shapes to build out your perfect design, or browse Canva’s templates to spark a little inspiration. If perhaps you are not quite so far down the spectrum of designed stories, apps on your phone such as Unfold are particularly handy. Using these apps are a great starting point for when you want to change up your formats. There’s no reason to stick to one image per story, have a go at creating a fun and engaging collage. 


A few other simple techniques we keep in mind to upgrade our Instagram story design is ensuring consistency between colours and fonts, and using multiple Instagram stories to build out and tell a story. Avoid having too much text on a story, it’s a visual platform after all. These all help to build your brand identity, establish a strong presence beyond the grid and are useful for future content planning. 


Now you are equipped to stand out on social, it is time to put our tips and trick to good use. If you have any questions or want our advice beyond Instagram story creation and design, drop us a note here. 

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