Restaurant PR is all about your restaurant’s image. It’s essentially an extra and non-bias advertising tool and can provide expanding word-of-mouth impact.

Design and visual representation of a restaurant is an effective way of positively influencing customers. Whether that’s to draw them in initially or get them back for a second visit.

PR and design complement each other and can be used as a tool to draw attention and gain customers.


Branding is often the first thing one will see when looking into a restaurant. Many restaurants use a logo, mascot or tag line. As well as signage, colour schemes, uniforms, interior to embed brand awareness in the minds of the public.

Menu design

A restaurant’s menu is a primary mean of representation: It says exactly who you are and what you hope to convey as well as dishes served. The design of a menu will convey your restaurant’s brand in a manner that makes diners excited to be there, want to come back or to recommend it to others.  When ‘PR-ing’ a brand its important than the menu is visible.

Social media design

Social media is an efficient and fast way of increasing awareness. It is important that your posts are relevant, interesting, interactive and regular. According to research carried out by Hootsuite, Starbucks is the best performing brand on social media. Using highly curated and well-designed posts. Social media is a marketing tool used for PR activity and stunts. 


Generally speaking, treat customers well and they will return. Going down the route of adding extras, freebies and promotion can enhance this and further build your brand. The design of the promotion will make it more enticing and effective.


Holding a live event is a great way to get the attention of clients and prospects. Whether this is a social event, private party, or structured business development such as the launch of a new product or promotion.

Getting press down to such events is important and opens up opportunities to meet with potential customers and offers them to experience the look, feel and personality of your brand.

Design is woven into events from the invite, down to marketing collateral.

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