Can you believe that Christmas is only 5 weeks away?! Get your fairy lights out, pour yourself a glass of mulled wine and relax, us at Me:Mo are going to take you through our top three favourite festive campaigns that have launched so far… Bring on the rest!


Aldi – This is the kind of Instagram account that you wouldn’t even think about tapping through to – aren’t you pleased you did?! Of course, now Christmas is approaching Aldi have begun to turn their feed into Christmas bliss. We just love how clever and well thought out their feed is, easy visual communication and very aesthetically pleasing. It’s almost like scrolling through the seasons. This is the kind of feed that you’ll share the link with your mates saying “Who are the masterminds behind the social media at Aldi??!!”


Waitrose – Need we say more? Waitrose are the food campaign champions. Until only recently have they decided to market their brand as ‘Partners’ with John Lewis making their campaigns even more epic. It’s almost like John Lewis and Partners have become the new Coca-Cola advert, it doesn’t feel like Christmas has truly begun until you’re crowded around a screen to catch the first glimpse. Last year they had the tear-jerking Elton John advert and this year it’s about a little girl and her excitable friend, Edgar the Dragon.


M&S Food – Again, M&S never fails to smash their Christmas food campaigns with their innovative festive ranges. Playing on flavours that we all know and love around this period, from Clementine Gin Liqueur Snow Globeto THE prosecco crisps! This is the kind of marketing that really works, especially at this time of the year where treats, food and celebrations are the forefront, offering unique, accessible and impressive products that makes M&S a destination!

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