Generally, people stay local to eat. In reality, for most restaurants the majority of customers are actually extremely local. On average people tend not to travel further than a couple of miles to eat, and for good reason too. This makes tapping into the local community SO important.  Read on to find out this UK restaurant marketing agency ‘s top five reasons why you should be reaching out to local businesses. 


Reach a precise and highly targeted audience 

Generally, local people work within local businesses. Therefore, by engaging with those businesses, you’ll reach a network of people who are likely to live and work locally. Plus, by targeting businesses, you’ll know that the people employed within them are likely to have a portion of disposable income to spend.  


Build relationships within the local community  

Relationship-based marketing feels authentic to consumers. In fact, to them, it shouldn’t feel like ‘marketing’ at all. By building relationships with local businesses, and crucially, the people who work within them your restaurant is more likely to be at the front of mind when consumers are looking to eat out.  


Businesses are great ambassadors  

 Securing bookings from businesses means you’ll get an opportunity to impress their employees and business contacts. Once people have had a wonderful experience in a restaurant they’re SO much more likely to return with friends and family! Plus, driving loyalty is one of the best long term marketing strategies you can implement. 


To secure group bookings 

 Any restauranteur knows that the festive season and all the parties that come with it, is commercially one of the most important times of the year. So getting ahead of the curve by having a great relationship with the local businesses who will be booking Christmas parties is a fool-proof way to increase the number of group bookings you have. This approach applies to the rest of the year too!  


Top Tips for Local Business Marketing  


Do your Research  

 Spend a little time creating a list of all the businesses within a certain radius close to your restaurant. This will change depending on where you are based, but try to think of your typical clientele and target market when choosing the businesses you’ll be targeting. 


Make it personal  

If you can, popping in and personally introducing yourself and your business and brand is one of the best ways you can get started. It’s always great to find out the name of someone in the business, and to encourage them to come in and try you out you could offer an exclusive local discount or value ad, such as a complimentary drink next time they dine. When they do come in, be sure to greet them personally too!   


Follow up – and make sure people know they’re valued  

Regularly getting back in touch to let businesses know what’s on at your restaurant will help you stay front-of-mind and maintain your relationship. Offering perks such as complimentary drinks or to be the first to try a new menu will help show them they’re valued. Perhaps you can even host an exclusive business networking event, or Christmas menu showcase? Thinking outside the box will help you ensure you’ve always got something interesting going on to encourage people to engage.   


At this UK restaurant marketing agency, we’ve helped countless clients develop successful, long-term local marketing strategies. Need help with yours? Get in touch!  


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