Although the notorious phrase “no two days are the same” may be equivalent to hearing the sound of nails scratching down a chalk board, it is certainly very apt for a restaurant PR agency. We’ll admit it does sound cringe-worthy but fear not because just like the city, PR never sleeps, and there’s always something exciting going on.

One day you can be on a shoot, acting professional, and trying not to shovel in as much food into your stomach as humanly possible (a big benefit of working at a restaurant PR agency). Another day you can be writing creative copy for social posts or pitching to press about amazing new launches and announcements. As glitz and glam as it can be, we can’t forget about the admin side of things, but the dog photos and surprise visits on the morning meetings easily make up for it!

If you’re intrigued to hear a full breakdown of a day in the life at a restaurant PR agency, you’re in luck! Here goes:

9am: It’s time to grab a huge cup of coffee and begin the morning meeting. Let’s hope the dogs make a surprise appearance today!

9:30am: Tick off the important priorities starting with socials – this mean Community Management and Reputation Management for all clients and making sure audiences are still engaged and any questions or DM’s are answered.

10:30am: Get cracking on this week’s agenda, this means content, scheduling or reporting. For content you can expect to be making image selections from the latest shoot, coming up with an aesthetically pleasing mock-up feed and drafting copy to go on socials.  For scheduling, you’ll become best friends with our social media management tool and will be uploading approved content to be posted to make the mock-up feed come to life! Reports week is always a blur and you’ll find yourself feeling like a data wizard by the end of it.

2pm: After hoovering up a quick lunch and potentially grabbing a second cup of coffee, you can probably expect to be doing the less time-sensitive stuff. Creating stories for socials, finding new influencers to work with, and brainstorming new creative ideas for clients are strategically placed to prevent the mid-afternoon slump whilst still remaining productive!

3pm: If it’s content week, it’s likely that you will be revisiting the content calendar, making amends where necessary and making sure it’s in pristine condition to send to the client. For scheduling and reports these are probably still ongoing because as the old saying goes, the devil is in the detail!

4pm: As a leading restaurant PR agency, we’re lucky enough to work with some very well-known and highly reputable restaurants. Therefore, it’s likely that you’ll be revisiting Community Management, working on any last-minute bits and doing any proactive research where necessary.

5pm: It’s nearly the end of the working day, so it’s likely you’ll be going through emails from the afternoon and making sure that there are no red flags staring at you directly in the face. It’s also a great time to build your to-do list for the next day, so you can roll out of bed exactly two minutes before the morning meeting… (the joy of working from home!)

6pm: *closes laptop*

If you’re interested to hear more about what we get up to, why not see what Me:Mo’s Week In Restaurant PR looks like. Alternatively, if you are a restaurant and are looking to team up with us, Contact Us to enquire about the ways in which we can help you generate noise for your business.

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