As a hospitality marketing agency we are always on the look out for new creative and engaging influencers to work with to promote our clients in new and interesting ways. In the last 5 years influencers have risen to the top of any hospitality marketing strategy in the foodie social media world. With their huge followings and stunning content, they are content creators in their own right and can really raise awareness of brands to the masses very quickly.

We would look into a range of different influencers and assess what types of clients or products would be most suited to each to ensure it would be of interest to their followers but also so it still fits into the aesthetics of their feed.

We’ve listed some of our favourite influencers at the moment in the foodie social media world. Check it out below:


Rosie posts content about restaurants in London as well as food she is cooking and beautiful places around the UK. Her feed has a colour theme running through it and is quite rustic in its look and feel.


We have worked with Scott for a number of years for many restaurant and product launches for our clients. His Instagram feed is very bright, colourful and crisp with tat also being reflected in his Instagram story highlight icons. He ensures his content has bold colours throughout so there is a consistent style but that the food is still the star of the show.


Anisah focuses her Instagram feed on food, drink and travel and includes herself in many of her images to give her feed a personal touch. The aesthetics of her feed is very clean with lots of white in her images and the colour scheme is consistent but changes in themes.



Olga’s Instagram feed fouses on lifestyle landscapes and architecture which would be suitable for us to show the interiors of some of our client’s restaurants.



Yasmin’s content centres around food, interiors and lifestyle with beautiful photography and a home-y feel to it. Most of Yas’s food images showcase multiple dishes as a flat lay to showcase more of a restaurant’s menu.

Who are your favourite influencers to follow? Get in touch with any of the team at our hospitality marketing agency to let us know!

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