This week we’re sharing one of our all time favourite festive recipes, Bubble and Squeak. There are many ways to cook this iconic British dishes, we’re taking inspiration from Chef David Simms of RA Group, and his recipe, to elevate humble leftovers into something special.

Bubble and Squeak is a British Christmas staple, which is both delicious and great for using up leftovers.


Leftover roast potatoes

Brussel sprouts

Leftover stuffing

One duck egg

(You can also add other leftover veg, such as cauliflower, parsnips, carrots, and cabbage)


  1. If you are adding any fresh vegetables to your Bubble and Squeak, pre-boil in a pan of salted water until soft
  2. Melt butter, or a little duck fat, to a non-stick pan and put on a medium heat
  3. Add your leftover roasties, and all of your other veg, to the pan
  4. Using a potato masher, crush your potatoes and veg and push down into a hash until you have everything in one flat layer
  5. Cook for three to four minutes until a crust beings to form
  6. Fold the crispy bits into the hash, and repeat the process for around 15 minutes
  7. While your bubble and squeak cooks, lightly simmer a separate pan of water to poach your duck egg
  8. To serve, top your bubble and squeak with your duck egg. We also like to add a side of watercress
  9. Enjoy!

What is your favourite festive dish? Check out some of our other recipes, such as our fudgy Bailey brownies or sweet potato soup if you need more inspiration.

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