Veganuary has officially landed, and to make this month long celebration easier, we’ve done the hard work and rounded up our top vegan restaurants that we think you really must try!

  • Eat of Eden – This south London-born Caribbean restaurant began it’s journey in the bustling Brixton Village, however it soon proved to be so popular that they expanded their locations to Clapham, Lewisham, and Shepherds Bush. They offer a flavour-packed organic menu, with the go to usually being their famous platter- packed with ackee and sweet peppers, macaroni cheese, chickpea curry, callaloo, dumplings and many more nutritional and yummy dishes. It’s definitely worth a visit, or two!
  • Comptoir V– Located opposite Kensal rise overground station, this restaurant has proved to be a hit with more than just the locals. Taking inspiration from “sunshine, nature, and travel” with an apparent ode to the middle east, their menu does what many vegan-alternative dishes wishes they could. One dish in particularly, BBQ jackfruit nuggets, scarily might be too close of an imitation to an actual chicken nugget, with the crispy exterior and the texture of shredded chicken in the interior. With a wide offering of small plates to big plates, it’s the perfect place for a group catch up (post lockdown of course)!
  • Andu Café– When it comes to Ethiopian food you can never go wrong, albeit a biased opinion on my part, it’s very rare that you’ll leave a restaurant feeling unfed and unfulfilled. It’s fairly usual that every Ethiopian restaurant will have a section on their menu solely dedicated to vegan dishes, which is due to their many religious-fasting celebrations where they give up dairy, meat and alcohol for a certain period. However, what is unusual, is to find a vegan only Ethiopian restaurant. Andu café, based in Dalston, is the first and only Vegan Ethiopian restaurant in the country. With an array of vegetable, chickpea-tomato based stews, served alongside their national dish ‘Injera’ which is comprised of fermented flatbread with a slight spongy texture, traditionally made out of Teff flour, the best way to enjoy your meal is to share with friends in a “Tsom Be Ye-inetu”, which loosely translates to “a variety of vegan Ethiopian stews.
  • by Chloe– After making waves in the US, by Chloe is the vegan worlds answer to fast food, with an added touch of ‘boujiee’ it’s definitely one for your Veganuary list! Choose from a selection of burgers such as The Guac-Burger, consisting of a Black Bean-Quinoa- Sweer potato patty, corn salsa, with a side of either fries or the popular shitake-bacon mac and cheese, and you’ll be sure to be in for a treat!

What are your favourite vegan restaurants? Give one of our team a call to chat about all things food.

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