A new bucking trend that we have noticed recently is quality over quantity, this sounds like something your teacher would say at school doesn’t it? By this we mean less is more and focusing more on the quality of the ingredients used in the dishes, where they have come from and traditionally how are they used and when are they eaten. Highlighting this in the shoots that take place by focussing on close ups or ingredient shots to copy and highlighting these key points to lift the images to an even higher narrative.

We’re going to take you through a couple of our clients who really focus on this, below.


To coincide with their new aesthetic and branding which they have done through making some changes to their interiors and so we wanted to reflect this onto their socials with the photography. We sourced some darker, teal coloured backdrops and shoot the dishes or drinks without any drinks or cutlery to create a whole focus on the subject only. We also incorporated into the shoots, focusing on some of their unique ingredients that they use throughout their menu. On socials through the copy, we focused on how these ingredients are traditionally used in Mexican cooking but with by bringing Caldera’s Western – Eastern twist.


For 2020 we have decided to overhaul how we post and change things up a bit. Coming away from pushing marketing calendar hooks, offers and call to actions – we felt like this is was now suitable for Sakagura as they’re established, and they can focus on their food being the hook it’s self alone. We wanted to introduce the feeling of the old drinking house of Japan and using the platform to educate our followers on Japanese etiquette and culture. Our latest shoot incorporated a how-to on how chopsticks should be held. As well as using travel photos and doing research on heritage and incorporating some more long-form copy for these as informative posts as the brand is all about quality and so teaching our followers why quality is so important to the integrity of the restaurant.



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