It’s safe to say that the locals to your business are some of the most important when it comes to your clientele. They’re the people who drop in for a coffee whilst walking past, dine in spontaneously and call up for a cosy Saturday night takeaway! We’re here to give you some of the best restaurant marketing agency tips and tricks to help you attract your neighbours! 


To kick things off, it’s always important to greet your nearest and dearest with a warm welcome – say hello to your neighbours in the best way possible, a welcome gift or the opportunity to win one! This can be as simple as offering a free coffee in return for signing up for your newsletter (a serious win, win!), offering 15% off of their first meal when dining in or running an opening competition where you give your locals a chance to win a complementary experience. Whatever the gift, it will ensure people will spread the word, after all, everyone loves FREE food. 


Another one of our best restaurant marketing agency tips is making the most of is tapping into your local press titles. There are around 400 hyperlocal press outlets in the UK, and you’re bound to have one nearby. It’s important you build on your relationship with both the outlet and in turn your local area and residents. Get the word out about your new opening, special offer or simply be included in a local eatery round up so your neighbours can stay up to date. 


Your locals are likely going to be your most loyal customers, so consider creating a loyalty campaign to reward them, it’s a win, win! An easy way to do this is through a loyalty card, for example, offering a free coffee for every 10 bought or offering a discount on a specific day and time of the week – e.g. 15% off lunch Mon-Wed. Not only does this draw in more business, but it helps you build relationships with the people closest to you whilst making them feel rewarded at the same time. 


Our final marketing agency tip is opting for a Royal Mail door to door campaign, whilst it may sound daunting it will be sure to get your neighbours clued up on your new opening or on-goings. A Royal Mail door to door campaign is a flyer drop whereby you can target all of the residents and local businesses in your area. In doing this, you post a leaflet or flyer inviting your neighbours to learn all about your business. It will include key info, local offers and is a great way to get people to sign up for your newsletter and to follow your socials – give people the chance to win an experience for signing up, in turn, you’ll get a wider audience to shout your news too in the future! 


Lastly, don’t forget about the hyperlocal Facebook groups, check out our dedicated blog here, on how you can use these to your ultimate advantage. Get in touch to find out how you can make the most of the best restaurant marketing agency tips and tricks – we’re always here to help.  

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