The parenting influencers phenomenon may have been around for a while now, but that doesn’t mean it’s old news. More mums, dads, and families have decided to share their experiences (both good and bad), give advice on particular subjects, and talk about their daily routines. Here at London’s best influencer agency, we want to share with you the top 3 parenting accounts we are loving right now.


Who said that mums wear ugly clothes?  Well, it’s not true and Zoë de Pass aka @dresslikeamum is the perfect example that debunks this stereotype. She is changing the old school image that mums wear boring, frumpy clothes. Her profile is a delight, with pinkish tones and loads of advice about fashion. She’s an inspiration for all those women who have lost self-confidence, as well as being an invitation for mums to not give up, do what they love, but above all, wear whatever they want. We adore her!


She’s not only an influencer, but also entrepreneur and of course mum of Hugo and Inna. Freddie’s gram is a mix of female empowerment, fashion advice and motherhood. In 2019 she won the “Cosmopolitan Influencer award” of the year and she absolutely deserved it. Her reels and tips on how to style “big hair” caught our eyes, and probably yours too. Definitely a must follow.


Last but not least of our top three parenting influencers chosen by us here at London’s best influencer agency is @mother_pukka. She’s the pioneer of #flexappeal, the campaign that promote flexible working, not only for parents but for everyone. Her Instagram is packed with stunning videos on different topics, from domestic abuse, depression, women empowerment, maternity discrimination in the workplace, and other important content that everybody should see. A true force of nature and an inspirational person who fights for women’s rights!

That’s it for today but always keep an eye on our latest news here and if you need any help on how to manage your social media platforms drop us a message!

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