As a leading influencer marketing agency, Me:Mo understands the importance of adapting in an ever-changing environment, and as more aspects of our life move online, the importance of a restaurant’s continued presence on social media is vital to ensure commercial success.

Social Media Influencers can be an unbeatable way of getting your restaurant out there, and with the growing prevalence of social media platforms such as TikTok and Snapchat, it’s more important than ever to keep on top of trends. Here are some of our favourites that we’re following:

@tombigeats – 207k followers

A powerhouse in the influencer community, @tombigeats has garnered a substantial following on Instagram reviewing some of the best guilty pleasures London has to offer. He’s also been keeping us busy with his hunger busting home cook-alongs from his base in Southampton. We’re also loving his October Daily Food Challenges which started off with him eating his height in Subway subs. At 5ft 10 that’s no mean feat!

@londonfoodbabes – 159k followers

Made up of the unstoppable trio of Nina, Trovisa and Jessica, @londonfoodbabes have shown us the best that London has to offer! From afternoon tea on the 35th floor of the spectacular Shard, to bougie brunches at Elan Café, there isn’t much in London they haven’t covered. And what do you do when you conquer the big smoke? Go bigger! Their new Amsterdam and New York accounts are guaranteed to give you all the glitz and glam you need for days!

@halalfoodguy – 61.7k followers

Showing us the best Halal restaurants in both London and the rest of the UK, Halal Food Guy is the go-to guy for top Muslim-friendly eateries. With almost every cuisine type under his belt, he’s smashing all misconceptions people have of what halal food is.

@nibblingldn – 34.8k followers

Having shown us all the up and coming foodie trends on Instagram, @nibblingldn is staying on-trend with a move to TikTok. Their account @london_secrets has a gained 317.4k likes in less than 2 months with a collection of glorious videos packed full of dining delights!

@kajolpatel_ – 214.2k likes

With a growing following on TikTok, Kajol is setting out to show us the ‘it’ places to eat in London. Whilst still new on the scene, her stunning video on Circolo Popolare has amassed 1.5m views. Definitely someone to keep an eye on!

If you are a restaurant wanting to keep up with social media trends or navigate the ever-changing field of influencer marketing, then we can help. Contact us for more information. Check out Influencers we’re digging: The Foodie Edit for more creators of food porn that will have you scrolling for hours on end!

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