Although travel may seem like a distant memory, we’re holding out hope that a little summer sun might not be too far away. This week on the Me:Mo blog we’ve rounded up our top picks for travel influencers, straight from the best London travel PR.   

Sandy Makes Sense 

Lockdown hasn’t stopped this fun-loving adventurer explore! Sandy has spent the past year creating YouTube, Instagram and viral Tik Tok videos celebrating the city, we all love so much. If you’re looking for something a little quirky to do in London, a date with a difference or just some inspiration to rediscover our capital, look no further. Maybe you’re looking at the ultimate tourist experience – if so, 5 phone boxes perfect for a photoshoot, is the video for you! Keep on celebrating our city Sandy, we love to see it.

Wanderlust Chloe

Lonely planet ambassador, foodie and global explorer Chloe, curates travel tips and inspiration on her perfectly put together Instagram feed. Chloe’s clean and calming aesthetic is reflective of her love of country walks and passion for connecting with Nature. If you’re in need of a digital detox, check out Chloe’s feed for tips on getting away from it all in the countryside. The Welsh countryside is looking tempting right now! 

Diving Passport

If above ground isn’t your thing then why not take a trip into the big blue with Diving Passport. A global guide to the best dive spots, instructors, schools and courses for every level. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned pro, there’s something for everyone. This feed really is a celebration of all things oceanic, from shark diving to exploring wrecks, swimming with manta rays to uncovering beasts of the deep.

Kelsey in London

London dweller, travel blogger and creator of @creativegalgand Kelsey is a multitalented travel influencer with her fingers in many pies, a favourite amongst the best London travel PR companies. As well as having a beautiful aesthetic, her Instagram feed is a treasure trove of helpful hints and tips on what do towhere. With a strong focus on London and the U.K., Kelsey’s profile is just as useful when looking for domestic travel as well as abroad! This Croatian guide has got us putting the European travel spot on the top of our hitlist. For anyone working in as a creator on Instagram, check out Kelsey’s platform, @creativegirlgang for helpful advice on making the most out of your assets.

The Cotswold Edit

For some, international travel may be off the cards for a long while. So, if you need to scratch the itch and experience something different without hopping on a plane. The Cotswold Edit, run by two Cotswold dwellers, is your guide to slow-living in Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire. Check out their Instagram guides for places to eat, coffees to drink and walks to ramble in the best of the British countryside.  


So that’s it! A little inspiration for the summer, brought to you by the best London travel PR. Stay tuned for more on the Me:Mo blog and check us out on Instagram 

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