When searching for a place to eat out or even order a lovely takeaway in, a quick check across restaurant websites and socials is essential, and making a good first impression with a beautiful and cultivated looking website is a great way to attract customers. As Lockdown eases across the UK, we are now able to dine outdoors and will soon be able to dine indoors away from the indecisive British weather. The re-emergence of our industry means more and more people will be visiting restaurant websites, so the best restaurant website design is needed to guide customers to find what they are looking for.

Here are a few restaurant websites that we are currently loving and that are definitely worth a browse.


A fish lovers haven, with their food tasting as fresh as their website looks. The SeaSons web design is sleek, elegant and well-put-together; every aspect of the website portrays SeaSons as a restaurant. The visuals used within the website almost allows you to feel as if you’re right there by the shore. The imagery used on the site is crisp and clear and sure to make you hungry.

Pergola Paddington

The perfect restaurant for outdoor dining, Pergola’s website mirrors the atmosphere of the physical space with its bold, bright, and vibrant use of colour. Their wonderful images and beautiful colours allow you to get a virtual feel of the restaurant. The website layout is straightforward and has a simple flow so you will never get lost. Pergola’s hero image is so striking, you’ll feel like you’re about to step foot into the outdoor dining space; that one image gives you the full experience of the place and it’s just the beginning.

Pali Hill

A beautifully decorated website that uses soft colour tones and pretty patterns to reflects the restaurant’s persona, allowing customers to get a real sense of Mumbai from the get-go. Every aspect of Pali Hill’s website has a design element that allows you to gain the full experience without the patterns and colours becoming too overpowering. The website is easy to navigate and understand, so be sure to check these guys out, you won’t regret it.

Big Fernand

In dire need of a juicy, mouth-watering, out of this world burger; then look no further and head straight over to Big Fernand’s website and get yourself a burger to feast on. The imagery used for the website is ever so striking and indulgent makes you want to dive straight in and tuck into one of their burgers. The restaurant’s identity is definitely reflected all over their website as the colours and language used really portray the restaurant’s origin. Also, the fun and wacky illustrations allow you to see Big Fernand’s family-friendly personality.

Be sure to check these websites out and maybe even treat yourself to a meal at one or all of these fine establishments.

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