Over the long weekend, we took advantage of the Bank Holiday to catch up on some of our favourite London creators’ work. If you’re looking for that video content that will leave you scrolling for more, you’re in for a treat! At London’s best restaurant influencer agency, here are some accounts we’re loving right now: 


Thomas Straker is a talented London Chef whose video series, ”All things butter”, has us absolutely smitten. His expert scooping of creamy quenelles of wild garlic butter, smoked butter, bone marrow butter… and so many more – is truly fascinating to watch!  

    Cookwithbello and the_pastaqueen 

It’s all good food and good mood with these two! If you love all things pasta, pizza and burrata, we couldn’t recommend them highly enough. Not only will you learn how to whip up the most mouth-watering Italian recipes – but you’ll be sure to bring a little sunshine to your day!  


Liv’s beautifully-curated feed may have caught your eye more than once. Olivia shares her favourite London experiences with colourful, fun and dynamic reels, making her feed the perfect city guide for those looking to experience the best of London. If you’re not too sure what to do next weekend, you know what to do now… 


At Me:Mo HQ we love a creative photoshoot, which is why we are big fans of Mike’s epic behind-the-scenes reels which show the creative process behind his fantastic shots. Whether it is throwing dishes in the air, pouring sauces, or using a bright and colourful background, all of these videos are great inspirations for us to keep our shots engaging and fun. 


Travel is definitely on our minds this time of year. As we long for our next getaway Sandy provides us with all the dreamy travel content. Now back on the road, she shares her best itineraries and travel tips from Montréal to Singapore as well as her favourite London activities. Let’s get our suitcase ready, shall we? 


That’s all for this week! Stay tuned for our next top picks from our famous scrolling sessions. If you’re looking for some more epic content creators, check out our latest articles here and here or get in touch to get some curated advice from London’s best restaurant influencer agency!  


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